The most recent Ofsted inspection took place in February 2012. Here are some of the best bits...

"Pupils say they feel safe and they know to whom they should go if any problems arise. Safeguarding procedures are good." 

"Standards in English have risen well at the end of Key Stage 2 … ­­­because there has been a good impact from the school’s strong focus on the subject. … Self-evaluation is accurate and there is a strong sense of ambition and vision for the school. These factors have had a positive impact on pupils’ learning and demonstrate the school’s capacity to improve further." 

"Learning was best when teachers’ skilful questioning was used well to enable pupils to consider narrative writing approaches. For example, pupils enjoyed using persuasive speech and benefited from the teacher’s good pace to learning. In an outstanding lesson on multiplying numbers, pupils in Year 4 worked with great energy and enthusiasm because the teaching motivated them really well. This helped pupils develop better reasoning skills and increased their problem-solving ability." 

"Pupils who are taught in the resource base benefit from specific strategies to support them. … Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities are fully integrated in lessons; those with speech and language difficulties are given plenty of close support in the resource base and others are taught effectively with their peers in the mainstream classes." 

"Staff make good use of whiteboards to help pupils learn and they use questioning skilfully to encourage pupils to think hard. For example, pupils in a Year 6 top set successfully tackled work involving shapes by rotating them and using co-ordinates to translate them. The teacher’s good subject knowledge and strong attention to supporting higher attaining pupils meant that all achieved success." 

"Teachers encourage them to consider and celebrate the success of their peers, thereby promoting spiritual and cultural dimensions of learning. … The school supports pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development with plenty of practical activities and opportunities for reflection; for example, through the school’s initiative known as 'Creatures of Learning." 

"Staff deal promptly with any [behaviour] incidents and make sure that all pupils are treated equally within the school’s highly inclusive ethos. … The large majority of pupils say that they feel safe at school. They get on with each other and share resources willingly. The older pupils help look after the younger ones in the Reception classes and make sure that they know what to do if they need any help. Pupils are aware of different types of bullying and they know to whom they should go if they are worried about anything." 

To read the full Ofsted report, click on the Ofsted logo above. The report will download as a pdf file.