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At The Meadows Primary School, our curriculum is intended to develop and nurture our children towards academic and social success, increasing their self-belief and aspirations to make a positive difference. We aim to cultivate a continuing passion for learning to accompany our children through every stage of their education and adult life. We endeavour to do this by creating a curriculum that provides a stimulating environment, engaging the children and presenting opportunities to enhance their independent learning and research skills. Through a carefully constructed curriculum, which is practical and explorative, we aim to make this an enjoyable experience for all involved. We strive for our children to continually extend their knowledge, starting within their own community and widening out to the world beyond, to enable them to have a greater understanding of their own sense of place and identity within this.

We intend that the curriculum allows our children to experience the challenge that they need in order to continue to develop their resilience for learning and their resilience for life. We aim to provide them with experiences and skills that are relevant to them for their everyday life as well as offering them cultural experiences, which may otherwise not be available to them, thus igniting their imagination and creativity.

We aim for our curriculum to be fully inclusive for all pupils, with respect for themselves and for others at the very centre of it. It is our intention for the children to embrace differences within our community and the wider world, and empathise with others whose lives may be different.

Through the implementation of the above curriculum, we want the children at The Meadows to be equipped with a sound body of knowledge that they are able to recall; the skills to be resilient young people, who are independent learners with ambitious aspirations; and for them to be comfortable, confident and happy within themselves leading to their future success and well-being.


To find our more about the curriculum, please contact Mrs Grainger Assistant Head Teacher/Curriculum Lead.