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Meadows Primary School

English at The Meadows

We believe that English is at the heart of everything we do. Skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening are taught across the whole curriculum.  We actively encourage reading for pleasure as we believe it is a core part of every child’s educational entitlement, whatever their background or attainment, because we know that extensive reading and exposure to a wide range of texts make a huge contribution to a child’s educational achievement.

Reading is a fundamental part of the learning experience and is a skill which underpins a child’s ability to access the wider curriculum.  Learning to read is the most important skill that your child will develop throughout their Meadows’ journey.  The more support and encouragement that you can offer your child, the more likely that he/she will progress with enthusiasm and ease.

Our aim at the Meadows is to enable children to:

• develop a positive attitude towards reading. Reading should be an enjoyable and meaningful experience;
• read and respond to a variety of texts;
• develop increasing levels of fluency and independence;
• develop a range of reading strategies that enables all children to tackle the wider curriculum with confidence.

At school, we use the Oxford Reading Tree series to take your child through the early stages of learning to read.  We use Letters and Sounds which is a step-by-step phonics programme, to introduce children to the letter sounds of the alphabetic code. 

To reinforce the teaching in school, your child will take home books to share with you.  These will be from the following schemes:

The books from these schemes have notes on the inside cover to guide you on how best to use them with your child.

Once your child has completed the Oxford Reading Tree reading scheme, they will be deemed to be ‘free readers’ and will be able to select books from a wide range of books in the school and class library.  All our books give children access to quality fiction, non-fiction and poetry and give access to the wider curriculum.

Throughout their school career, children will be encouraged to choose books they would like to read from the school and/or class libraries.

Children also have access to the on-line reading via Oxford Reading Buddy

We teach reading through:

  • the quality teaching of phonic skills and high frequency words to help develop a child’s ability to decode and read fluently.
  • teaching specific vocabulary and reading strategies which enable children to read for meaning in a variety of different contexts.
  • exposing children to wide range of quality texts as part of our Reading into Writing programme which give children the opportunity to comprehend on different levels with plot, character, language and structure studied in detail.
  • giving children the opportunity to make connections within the text by thinking aloud and talking about the texts.