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Meadows Primary School

Frequently Asked Questions

What time does school start and finish?

The school doors open at 8:45am and all children are expected to be in their classrooms by 8:55am.

The morning register closes at 9:05am. Afternoon registers are taken at different times based on individual year groups returning from lunch.

The school day currently ends at 3:25pm. The total number of weekly hours are 32 hours and 30 minutes.

What does my child need to bring to school?

  • A labelled drinks bottle, filled with water.

  • Key Stage 1 children may bring in a healthy snack for break time if they wish however the school does provide free fruit and vegetables.
  • Key Stage 2 children can bring a small snack for break time if they wish. Alternatively, they can bring in some money to purchase a snack from the tuck shop. 

  • If your child does not have a school dinner, then a packed lunch must be provided each day.
  • If your child needs to bring in more than 1 item on any given day, they may bring the items in a labelled school bag.
  • Children need to return their reading books on Fridays. New school books will then be sent out on the following Monday.
  • The Meadows Primary School and Resource Base is a NO NUTS school due to severe allergies. Therefore please ensure that any food sent into school with children does not contain nuts.

  • On PE days, your child does not need to bring in their PE kit. Instead, children must come to school already dressed in their kit.

  • Your child does not need to bring in a pencil case, books etc. These are provided by the school.

What does school uniform/PE kit look like?

Details about The Meadows Primary School and Resource Base uniform, can be found on our dedicated uniform page.

Does my child need to bring in any outdoor/spare clothes?

You will only need to provide your child with extra clothes if you know that your child can sometimes have accidents. Spare clothes would consist of underwear, socks, a top and a skirt or trousers. 

How much do school lunches cost?

School lunches cost £12.25 per week (£2.45 per day) however they are currently free for all children in EYFS and Key Stage 1. Some children in Key Stage 2 are also eligible for free school dinners. To find out if your child is eligible, please contact the school office on 0121 675 3203 or email us at enquiry@meadowsprimary.org. 

Is there a school dinners menu?

Yes. The school dinner menus run on a 3 week rotation and need to be ordered by parents on a weekly basis, 1 week in advance. Copies of the menus are provided on the school website. You can order your child's school dinner on the same page.

Will my child receive homework?

We have a dedicated 'homework' page that explains the homework expectations. Essentially, it comprises of mental maths, spellings and reading. 

Who do I contact if I have concerns over my child's development?

We would always advise that your first point of contact when discussing your child's development would be the class teacher. For everyone's safety, it is best to arrange a convenient time that suits you both and a suitable place would need to be identified that allows everyone involved social distanced. Following this, if required, you can arrange to speak to our Special Needs Coordinator, Mrs Blair. 

Does the school provide any morning and after school clubs?

The school doesn't provide any morning or after school clubs however Mini Meadows is a private company who can provide this service for a fee. They operate within the school hall so they can collect and drop off your child off directly from their teacher if they are in Key Stage 1. Key Stage 2 children normally walk down to the hall themselves.