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Maths at the meadows 

At The Meadows Primary School, we believe that everyone is capable of learning maths.  We have been on our mastery journey for approximately six years now and strive to equip the children with the skills of Fluency, Problem Solving and Reasoning.  These skills will benefit the children both now as well as in their life beyond school. Our aim is to enable all children to build a deeper understanding of concepts so that they can apply their skills fluently and flexibly in a variety of familiar and unfamiliar contexts. 

Lessons are carefully planned to make the mathematics curriculum accessible to all, using a range of mathematical equipment and representations.  Children who rapidly grasp a concept will be challenged with questions and opportunities for deeper understanding whilst others may be provided with a scaffold to support their learning.

Our curriculum overview for maths can be seen below. Although the overview sets out particular weeks for each maths focus, there may be some alteration to the number of weeks that each one is taught. This is because teachers will adjust the amount of time spent on each focus according to their teacher assessment and analysis of the end of term written tests. Focuses may also be shifted around due to the year groups needs.

Maths Policy 2022 EYFS Policy 2021 

KS1 Calculation Policy 2022 KS2 Calculation Policy 2022