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Meadows Primary School

Safer Internet Day 2021

Once again, as a whole school, we celebrated Safer Internet Day!

The focus of SID this year was:
 “An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world”.

This meant our main focus was talking about the reliability of what we see on the internet and how we check how truthful the information is!

You may have heard the term “fake news”! This is exactly what the children have been exploring as part of SID.

Across the school year groups have been working individually and as part of a group to explore different ways of staying safe online and sharing ideas about what they see online and checking its reliability.

Our younger members of the school have been talking about the different types of technology they use and how they stay safe with the support of their families. This included children in school and those learning from home too!

Please take some time to have a look at the fantastic work that has been produced here at The Meadows Primary.

Thank you,

Mrs Jeacock
Computing Lead



yr 5 group work.pdf