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Meadows Primary School

Pathfinder - Early Help

The Meadows Primary School and Resource Base is proud to be a Pathfinder school!

At The Meadows, we are dedicated to going the extra mile’ for families. Alongside Pathfinder, we have successfully supported children, families and individuals within our community. We help them to identify and access effective, meaningful early help and achieve positive and sustained change.

As The Meadows is a Pathfinder school, we work alongside a range of highly specialist agencies including a team of experienced Pathfinder workers, Housing services, Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), West Midlands Fire Service, Northfield Community Partnership, Birmingham City Council, and many other services, to access support and make a positive difference to the social, emotional, economic well-being in the lives of children and families.

If you feel you would benefit from any additional support why not come and speak to our Pathfinder worker, Mrs Lynwen Jones (Wednesdays) and see how we can help (0121 675 3203).

Further information about the Pathfinder service

The Birmingham Pathfinder is a collaborative approach to working with children and families through our schools. It is used to support families and schools in the Northfield area; to deliver new kind of intensive, relational early help approach, supported by a core team of multi-agency professionals. At the heart of the Pathfinder approach is the strength and quality of relationship between all Pathfinder staff and the family. It is a relationship characterised by a desire to understand the wider circumstances of a family and to enable them to use their strengths to overcome barriers affecting their lives.  By demonstrating a more psychologically informed, collaborative approach to building stronger families, the Pathfinder is attempting to re-imagine the statutory service/client relationship.

The team of people that school work closely alongside is: 

  • Sophie King (Pathfinder Coordinator, Northfield)
  • Caitlin Barry (Senior Assistant Psychologist, St. Basil's)
  • Rob McCabe (Senior Social Worker and Strategic Lead for the project)

If you feel like you want to complete a self-referral for the Pathfinder support service, (not through school), then you can fill fill in the online Family Connect Form (Self-Identification).