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Meadows Primary School

Phonics at The Meadows

Phonics in Key Stage 1

At the Meadows, a huge emphasis is placed on phonics in EYFS and Key Stage 1 in order to improve, reading, writing and spelling. The phonics programme used at The Meadows is called Little Wandle.

To find out more about Little Wandle, please click here.

Little Wandle - Home Support

We ask all parents to use the Collins website to read with their children for at least 10 minutes per day. Books that children have been reading each week can be found on this website and are changed on a weekly basis. 

Parents can also support their children further if they wish by purchasing Little Wandle flash cards (parents should see their child's class teacher for purchasing advice) to practice phonics skills through games.

Reception and Y1 Overview

This programme overview shows the progression of GPCs and tricky words that we teach term-by-term in Reception and Year 1. The progression has been organised so that children are taught from the simple to more complex GPCs, as well as taking into account the frequency of their occurrence in the most commonly encountered words. All the graphemes taught are practised in words, sentences, and later on, in fully decodable books. Children review and revise GPCs and words, daily, weekly and across terms and years, in order to move this knowledge into their long-term memory.

Pronunciation Guides for Reception and Year 1

Reception Autumn 1 Pronunciation Guide

Reception Autumn 2 Pronunciation Guide

Reception Spring Term Pronunciation Guide 

Year 1 Pronunciation Guide

Phonics Screening Check

In year 1, children will sit a national Phonics Screening where the children have to read 20 real words and 20 ‘alien’ (pseudo) words. This is conducted in a very child-friendly way by the class teachers. At every parents evening you will be informed of your child’s progress in Phonics and at the end of Year 1 the school report will inform you if they have passed or not. If your child does not pass in Year 1 they will be given additional support throughout Year 2 to enable them to pass the next year. We hold a parents workshop on the Phonics Screening check during Spring term where you will gain further information on this.

Past phonic screening papers

Phonics screening check 2022

Phonics screening check 2018

Phonics screening check 2017

Phonics screening check 2016

Support Videos

Phase 2 sounds taught in Reception Autumn 1

Phase 2 sounds taught in Reception Autumn 2

Phase 3 sounds taught in Reception Spring 1

How to teach blending

How to teach tricky words