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Meadows Primary School

Religious Education


At the Meadows, we endeavour to create kind, caring and empathetic learners through our teaching of RE. By teaching about different beliefs and faiths, we aim to promote healthy discussions and debate in order to deepen children's understanding of themselves, their peers and the world around them. 

Religious education at The Meadows follows the Birmingham Agreed Syllabus for RE. Pupils' learning in this syllabus is guided by encouraging 24 dispositions. These values constitute a person's spiritual and moral character: 

  • Being imaginative and exploratory 
  • Appreciating beauty
  • Expressing Joy
  • Being thankful
  • Caring for others, animals and the environment
  • Sharing and being generous 
  • Responding to suffering
  • Being merciful and forgiving
  • Being fair and just
  • Living by rules
  • Being accountable and living with integrity
  • Being temperate, self-disciplined and seeking contentment 
  • Being modest and listening to others
  • Creating inclusion, identity and belonging 
  • Creating unity and harmony
  • Participating and being willing to lead
  • Remembering roots 
  • Being loyal and steadfast 
  • Being hopeful and visionary 
  • Being courageous and confident 
  • Being curious and valuing knowledge
  • Being open, honest and truthful 
  • Being reflective and self-critical 
  • Being attentive to the sacred, as well as the precious 

Dimensions of Learning 

The 2022 syllabus uses a learning model which breaks the dispositions into four tangible, interconnected aspects to ensure a holistic approach to learning. They are:

  • Learning from Experience
  • Learning about Religious Traditions and Non-Religious Worldviews
  • Learning from Faith and Non-Religious Worldviews 
  • Learning to Discern 

Click here to view a link to the new RE curriculum. An explanation video is also available here.