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Meadows Primary School


Senior Leadership

Mr Naughton - Head Teacher

Miss Waeland – Interim Head Teacher 

Mrs Bishop – Deputy Headteacher 

Mrs Ali - Assistant Head Teacher

Mrs Grainger - Assistant Head Teacher


EYFS Teachers

R Ash - Miss Cotterill (Geography Coordinator)

R Maple - Miss Jeacock (EYFS Phase Lead/ Phonics Coordinator)

EYFS Teaching Assistants

Mrs Frost

Miss Cole 

Key Stage 1

Year 1 Teachers

1 Ash - Miss Oliver

1 Maple - Mrs Jeacock (ICT Coordinator)

Year 2 Teachers

2 Ash - Mrs Biggs/ Miss Eburah

2 Elm - Miss Young

2 Maple - Miss Veal (Year 2 Lead)

Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Stone

Mrs Ruff

Mrs Tinley

Lower Key Stage 2

Year 3 Teachers

3 Ash - Miss James

3 Elm - Miss Newman (French Coordinator)

3 Maple - Miss Baker/ Miss Page (Year 3 Lead) 

Year 4 Teachers

4 Ash - Mrs Spillane

4 Elm - Mr Billingham (PE Coordinator)

4 Maple - Mr Lees (Year 4 Lead/ RE Coordinator)

Lower Key Stage 2 Teacher Assistants

Mrs Jackson

Miss Carter

Mrs Dawtry

Miss Hunter

Mrs James

Mr Todd

Mrs Smith 

Upper Key Stage 2

Year 5 Teachers

5 Ash - Mrs Clewer (Design and Technology Coordinator)

5 Elm - Mrs Heath (Maths Coordinator)/ Mrs Grainger

5 Maple - Miss Reeves (Year 5 Lead)/ Mr Evans

Year 6 Teachers

6 Ash - Mrs Barnes-Smith (English Coordinator)

6 Elm -  Miss Dallow (Science Coordinator)/ Mrs Hand (Music Coordinator)

6 Maple - Mrs Sacic (Year 6 Lead)/ Mrs Bahar

Upper Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Curtis

Mrs D Edwards

Mrs S Edwards

Mrs McGann

Resource Base

Willow Class - Mrs Jones (Head of Speech and Language Resource Base/ Resource Base Teacher)

Birch Class - Ms Silverman – Resource Base Teacher

Hazel Class - Miss Coleman – Resource Base Teacher  (History Coordinator)

Mrs Stanley – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Valdmanis – Teaching Assistant

Miss Le Marchand – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jenkins - Teaching Assistant

Miss Price – Speech Therapist

Pastoral Team

Mr Kings – Senior Learning Mentor

Mrs Jeffers – Senior Learning Mentor

Mrs McFall - Learning Mentor


Mrs Blair – SENCO

Mrs Dobrashian-Yates – SENCO Support and Lead for Looked After Pupils


Mrs Singh - Business Manager

Mrs Organ – Senior Office Manager

Mrs Johnson – Admin Assistant

Mrs James – Finance Officer

Mrs Taylor – Clerical Assistant

Mrs Llewellyn - Attendance Officer

Mrs Perkins – Librarian

Mr Jones – Building Services Supervisor

Mr Goode - Site Team