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Meadows Primary School

Tier System for Self-isolation

We have a multi-tiered procedure in place for self-isolation. These are as follows:

Tier 1 - Individual pupil/pupils self isolating 

Tier 1 is the lowest level and is when individual or small numbers of children are self-isolating within a bubble. This is normally when someone in the child’s household is showing symptoms of, or has tested positive focoronavirus, and so the child has to self-isolate (but is not unwell themselves).

Tier 2 - Bubble Isolation

Tier 2 is implemented when a complete bubble (class) has to self-isolate. A bubble is now likely to be a whole class, rather than a complete year group.  Isolation will occur for 3 reasons: either the class teacher, the children or another adult that comes into contact with the class tests positive for Covid-19.

Tier 3 - Whole school closed to pupils

Tier 3 is when a whole year group or the whole school has to self isolate.