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Meadows Primary School

School Uniform policy

All children attending The Meadows Primary School and Resource Base are required to wear:

  • Pale blue or white polo shirt, school shirt or blouse (required)
  • Navy blue sweatshirts, jumpers or cardigans. These items should be plain and suitable for school wear, with or without the school logo (required)
  • Grey/black skirt or pinafore (required)

  • Black/grey school trousers (required)

  • Black/grey shorts (optional in summer months)
  • Grey/black/white tights or grey/black/white socks (required)

  • Children must wear sensible black school shoes (required)

  • Small and sensible hair bands or bows that are blue, white or black (required)

  • Blue and white summer dress (optional in summer months)

For PE, children must wear:

  • Black pumps or trainers (required)

  • Plain unbranded t-shirt (required)

  • Plain black or navy tracksuit bottoms or shorts (required)

  • For swimming lessons, children should wear an appropriate one-piece swimming costume or swimming shorts that sit above the knees (required). Goggles (optional).

The Meadows Primary does not require branded uniform of any sort as long as it is plain in colour. If branded clothing is worn (e.g. Nike tracksuit bottoms), then the logo must be very small i.e. no bigger than around 4cm. 

School uniform that contains the school logo can be purchased from Kids Essentials and Clive Mark. All uniform without a logo can be purchased from general supermarkets such as Sainsburys and Asda.