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Meadows Primary School

Year 6 SATs revision prep

Year 6 SATs key dates:
Monday 8th May 2023

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling - Paper 1

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling - Paper 2

Tuesday 9th May 2023 English Reading Paper 
Wednesday 10th May 2023

Maths Paper 1 (arithmetic)

Maths Paper 2 (reasoning)

Thursday 11th May 2023 Maths Paper 3 (reasoning) 
In preparation for the SATs, children can access the following websites for revision and practice purposes. 
Revision for: Maths, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar, and Reading
BBC Bitesize website has lots of tasks and revision activities that are very useful and informative. 
Century Tech - all children in year 6 have been given a log in for this that they can access at home. Children have been set work by their teachers. 

Times Tables Rockstars - all children have a log in for this so that they can increase their recall of times tables facts.

Reading books - we recommend that children read their own books that they bring home as well as newspapers, magazines and poems! It is important for children to read out loud and it would be helpful for them to be questioned on the book that they have read. Below you will find a range of sentence stems that we use in school to aid questioning.


  • What do the words ...... and …… suggest about the character, setting and mood? 
  • Which word tells you that….? 
  • Which keyword tells you about the character/setting/mood? 
  • Find one word in the text which means…


  • What impression of _____________ do you get?
  • Find one word in the text which means……
  • How can you tell that……
  • Who is telling the story?


  • From the cover what do you think this text is going to be about?
  • Do you think… will happen? Yes, no or maybe? Explain your answer using evidence from the text.


  • Which section was the most interesting/exciting part? 
  • How are these sections linked?


  • How would you describe this story/text?
  • What genre is it? How do you know? 
  • How did…? 
  • How often…?
  • Who had…? Who is…? Who did….? 
  • What happened to…?


  • Can you number these events 1-5 in the order that they happened?
  • What happened after …….? 
  • What was the first thing that happened in the story?