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Meadows Primary School

ethos, values and vision

Our ethos is that we are working together to equip our children with the tools and self-belief to be the best that they can be; developing socially, emotionally and intellectually through our core values.

Our Values

A value is a principle that guides our thinking and our behaviour - our core values underpin everything we do in The Meadows school community. They were chosen after consultation with all members of our school community and are important throughout life, as well as within The Meadows. 

All staff, pupils, parents and carers, visitors and governors are expected to behave in ways which support and reflect our values and recognise where others are behaving in ways which demonstrate our values too.  

Our core values are: 

Aspiration: We want everyone in our school community to have an inner self-belief that they are able to achieve and be the best that they can be in all that they do. 

Equality: We want everyone in our school community to feel welcome and safe in the knowledge that they will be treated fairly and justly, without fear of discrimination. 

Respect:  We want everyone in our school community to show kindness, compassion and empathy towards others and our environment. 

Resilience: We want everyone in our school community to understand that effort and determination are essential to any success and to have the courage to persevere when there are challenges. 

Integrity: We want everyone in our school community to be proud of being honest and trustworthy, and to independently make the right choices.

Our Vision

Our vision at The Meadows Primary School and Resource Base is that: 

  • All pupils are provided with opportunities to achieve their best through a broad curriculum which excites, engages, and cultivates a love of learning, and is underpinned by effective teaching, preparing pupils for the next stage of life. 

  • All pupils are provided with opportunities to develop their self-awareness so they can self-regulate, be socially aware, build positive and healthy relationships and independently make the right choices. 

  • Everyone in our school community feels that The Meadows is an enjoyable and safe place to work and learn in and knows that their wellbeing is important. 

  • Strong, sustainable, and positive relationships are built with the parents and carers of our pupils to ensure we achieve our mission. 

  • Links and partnerships are developed with the wider community to ensure that The Meadows is an asset contributing to society and the local area.